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2018 driver points
Sebastian Vettel50
Lewis Hamilton33
Valtteri Bottas22
Fernando Alonso16
Kimi Räikkönen15
Nico Hülkenberg14
Pierre Gasly12
Daniel Ricciardo12
Kevin Magnussen10
Max Verstappen8
Stoffel Vandoorne6
Marcus Ericsson2
Carlos Sainz, Jr.1
Esteban Ocon1
Sergio Pérez0
Charles Leclerc0
Brendon Hartley0
Lance Stroll0
Romain Grosjean0
Sergey Sirotkin0
2018 team points
Red Bull20
Toro Rosso12
Force India1
Race Conditions

Track conditions: A Dry track to start, followed by rain.
Lighting conditions: This was a daytime race.
Temperature: Hot.

Most Entertaining Driver
Damon Hill, Williams
Hall of Fame
All-Time Race Standing215th
Lap by Lap Race Events
Lap 1: Michael Andretti suffers from a technical problem
Lap 1: Érik Comas suffers from a technical problem
Lap 1: Andrea de Cesaris retires from the race
Lap 1: Damon Hill spins but remains on track
Lap 3: Michael Schumacher laps Érik Comas
Lap 4: Ivan Capelli retires from the race
Lap 7: Michael Andretti loses a tire
Lap 7: Pit Stop for JJ Lehto
Lap 7: Michael Andretti retires from the race
Lap 13: Alain Prost overtakes Michael Schumacher
Lap 15: Karl Wendlinger recieves a Stop-Go penalty
Lap 18: Damon Hill and Alessandro Zanardi are involved in a crash
Lap 20: Ayrton Senna laps Michele Alboreto
Lap 23: Fabrizio Barbazza retires from the race
Lap 24: Alain Prost overtakes Ayrton Senna
Lap 24: Michael Schumacher overtakes Ayrton Senna
Lap 25: Pit Stop for Ayrton Senna
Lap 26: Pit Stop for Alain Prost
Lap 29: Philippe Alliot retires from the race
Lap 33: Jean Alesi retires from the race
Lap 35: Karl Wendlinger retires from the race
Lap 39: JJ Lehto overtakes Derek Warwick
Lap 40: Johnny Herbert retires from the race
Lap 41: Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher make contact
Lap 41: Michael Schumacher spins but remains on track
Lap 41: Michael Schumacher retires from the race
Lap 42: Ayrton Senna laps Gerhard Berger
Lap 43: Pit Stop for Riccardo Patrese
Lap 43: Alain Prost laps Érik Comas
Lap 44: Alain Prost laps Derek Warwick
Lap 44: Érik Comas overtakes Derek Warwick
Lap 47: Érik Comas overtakes Michele Alboreto
Lap 47: Riccardo Patrese spins off of the track
Lap 52: Ayrton Senna laps Derek Warwick
Lap 53: Alain Prost laps Mark Blundell
Lap 54: Érik Comas begins to suffer from an extended technical problem
Lap 56: Érik Comas retires from the race
Lap 58: Alain Prost laps JJ Lehto
Lap 59: Michele Alboreto retires from the race
Lap 60: Martin Brundle retires from the race
Lap 67: Ayrton Senna laps Christian Fittipaldi
Lap 68: Alain Prost laps Christian Fittipaldi
Lap 71: Alain Prost laps Gerhard Berger
Lap 71: Derek Warwick overtakes Gerhard Berger
Lap 72: JJ Lehto and Derek Warwick overtake Alain Prost
Lap 72: Gerhard Berger retires from the race
Lap 72: Derek Warwick hits a wall
Race Event Counts
1Car-Car Crash
1Car-Wall Crash
1Car-Car Contact
1Tire/Wheel Off
2Spins on Track
1Spin Off
4Pit Stops
1Longterm Technical Problem
2Shortterm Technical Problems