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Formula 1
No race to track
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2018 driver points
Sebastian Vettel50
Lewis Hamilton33
Valtteri Bottas22
Fernando Alonso16
Kimi Räikkönen15
Nico Hülkenberg14
Pierre Gasly12
Daniel Ricciardo12
Kevin Magnussen10
Max Verstappen8
Stoffel Vandoorne6
Marcus Ericsson2
Carlos Sainz, Jr.1
Esteban Ocon1
Sergio Pérez0
Charles Leclerc0
Brendon Hartley0
Lance Stroll0
Romain Grosjean0
Sergey Sirotkin0
2018 team points
Red Bull20
Toro Rosso12
Force India1
Currently there is no trackable race running, and so we are unable to offer live tracking. It is possible there is a qualifying or practice session running, but we don't track those (yet). The next race is in -17878:-1:-46:00 at 0, 0, and the tracking will go live 10 minutes before the race starts.

When there is a race running you will be able to watch the positions of the cars as they move around the track, see who is where, and the order of drivers, layed out on a map of the track circuit.